ESTRO – final thesis for Lahti Institute of Design / 2006

See the whole thesis here: ESTRO


“The subject of my thesis is to design a collection of clothes based on a music piece. It will study the connection of music and visual art, with fashion in relation to them. My all-round material is about the aesthetics of music and visual art, and artists, who combined these or made clothes as art. I also got familiar with a conception of synaeshetics, that means an ability to experience a stimulant coming through one sence with two or more sences. In addition to the material mentioned before, i was able to use in my designing prosess analyzes by two music specialists concerning the music piece i chose, Triple Concerto by Olli Mustonen. The collection Estro, for autumn 2007, holds a wide range of clothes for both men and women. It is my visual interpretation of Triple Concerto. In my opinion it was not essential to determine a specific target group for the collection. Istead the users are expected to find it for the clothes’ distinctive features, diversity and usability.”


Photos: Juuso Noronkoski

estro1 estro2 estro3 estro4 estro5 estro7 estro9 estro10


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