Editorials w/ Lisa Martelin for BASSO-magazine 04/2010 & 01/2011


Shot in deserted old mental hospital and styled using clothes that are randomly chosen by our friends and few shop keepers instead of us. Another way to investigate “democracy” in fashion. Theme of this Basso-issue is MADNESS.

Styling & text: Lisa Martelin & Natalia Mustonen (me)

Photos: Juuso Noronkoski

muodinmuutos1 muodinmuutos2 muodinmuutos3 muodinmuutos4 muodinmuutos5


Clothing as a safe and cozy place, a shelter, a security uniform and a way to keep dangers outside – but simultaneously not letting our inner self out.

Styling & text: Lisa Martelin & Natalia Mustonen (me)

Photos: Niklas Sandström

suojaanahkasi1 suojaanahkasi2 suojaanahkasi3 suojaanahkasi4 suojaanahkasi5

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